A New Year


A new year begins and my enthusiasm for life has been invigorated over the Christmas break. Things became a little clearer, my mind more focused ~ on what I want to achieve this year; on what I don’t want to become ~ an odd notion, you probably think, but I saw my potential future this Christmas and I didn’t much like it.

Reflecting on 2013 I realise that I’m one of the few people who can say that I truly enjoyed the year. Looking at Facebook everyone seems to have had a torrid time, but I changed the course of my career, danced a lot, sang a lot, had great times with some great friends. And yes there was some sad times along the way and some times that just weren’t that great, but I wouldn’t have changed any of it, cause 2013 was pretty damn special.

So looking forward to 2014 I’m very positive about what’s to come, excited no less. One regret, about 2013, I have is that I didn’t document it, all the good and the bad times are squidged into a blurry haze. And so the fabulous, the crazy, the dull and banal will be documented this year.

And so, brace yourself for just how banal and dull my life can be at times, the first photo of 2014 is the first loaf of bread I’ve made in months. It symbolises regaining control and the start of a new dawn; hope, dedication and enthusiasm. So whilst it may just look like a pretty ropey loaf, it for me is so much more.

And so my mantra and philosophy for 2014 is this: “I’m going to move more; eat more healthier; regain a healthy life/work balance; eradicate things that add unhappiness to my life and increase those that add joy ~ kiss more / laugh more / sing more / dance more / see friends more; earn more; learn more; and always be the best that I can be”

Life is not a rehearsal as they say, so let’s live it to the full and without regret. To you I wish you a truly happy New Year, may 2014 make you laugh with joy. x

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