Distraction Club

Getting over the fact that this is a particularly blurry grainy zoomed in photograph taken with an iPhone that is at least 2, possibly 3 releases old … This is Distraction Club and this is where I spend most first-Tuesdays of each month.

In the simplest of terms Distraction Club is a music comedy night, run by Mitch Benn and the Distractions (Kirsty Newton [now Doody] and Ivan Sheppard), with guest acts ~ comedy in music form ~ can’t be wrong can it??

Tonight was another brilliant night, with the Segway Sisters inimitable but yet deceptive sweet style singing tight harmonies with bursts of quirkiness, rudeness and hilarity; Matt Blair regaling the horror of watching his father, Lionel, on Celebrity Big Brother quipping about Dappy’s cock and blowjobs … no one wants to hear their dad talk about that … right; and Arthur Smith ~ veteran dry humour – shortly after this pic was taken a naked man in and Leonard Nimoy mask came on stage (not literally *came* on the stage … honestly people!!) and started dancing ~ I confess I was somewhat distracted… could only happen at DC right ?

Brilliant night. See you in February!

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