The inimitable Kirsty Newton organises two of my favourite nights out every month, Distraction Club and Singalong at King’s Head in Crouch End.

What is Singalong? … is it Karaoke, kind of but not … is it a Knees-up, kind of but not … is it fun? Hell yeah in abundance … it’s just plain brilliant. Let’s try not to define it, but just enjoy it.

After a long hard week at work, culminating in 29hrs in two days I trudged into the King’s Head with less energy than a sloth after a marathon. But my boss had said “get a taxi and a bottle of wine on the company” as a thank-you for the week, so who was I to argue??

Wine bought, poured and sipped and Bye Bye American Pie on the go and the stresses of the week ebbed away in a single breath. And then the night was *on*.

Wuthering Heights > Abba > Mustang Sally > Like A Prayer … there is no better night.

If you’re still in any doubt have a look at the video and I’ll see you next month on 14 February at the King’s Head in Crouch End, from 8.30pm.

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