Move More

So another part of the 2014 plan carried on in earnest today, the “move more” bit with a second foray to an exercise class. I can’t remember when I last did any formal exercise, suffice to say a while.

I did my first, but resolutely not last FitSteps class a week ago, my Aunt said, “well the challenge now is to go back”. At first I thought “but I went!” And then I realised actually the challenge is to sustain it, the first grand gesture is actually easier than incorporating it into your life and forgoing other things to do exercise ~ gin is indeed much more fun and will forever be. So today I went back and not reluctantly.

As I’m hooked on Strictly this is the perfect class for me – it’s a dance-based exercise class incorporating cha-cha, quickstep, waltz, salsa, jive, rumba and a few others I’m sure to have forgotten.

I *thought* prior to last weeks class that I *was* co-ordinated, that I *was* pretty good at dancing, nay a dance hall diva no less [the aforementioned gin may have been involved in this summation]… what last week’s and indeed alas this week’s class has taught me is that I have little ability to co-ordinate what my feet, my hips and my arms are doing. I can conclude that it is little wonder that I fall over regularly with seemingly no explanation whatsoever.

Hopefully at some point I’ll stop seeing these trainer *things* as items of torture, but for now the post class adrenalin euphoria has morphed into owww! Even after a lovely dinner at Pescatoria with an old old friend.

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