The West End is crazy busy, ridiculously so. As an office worker in the West End you spend half of your lunch break dodging tourists jay-walking mindlessly and stopping for no apparent reason and the other half being battered by the Primarni Army with five overstuffed bags of cheap clothes in each hand. So to find a quiet little haven away from the madness is not only a relief, it’s a delight.

Spaccanapoli is a stones-throw from the bottom of Tottenham Court Road amidst the Lego Buildings as they’re affectionately known. It’s well loved by regulars and the staff are friendly, like they’re actually happy you came in, rather than filled with mirth and general distain you can often get.

Aaand the food is great also. The lasagne is quite exceptional as is the pork belly, just actually delicious. And Then There are These Beauties!! Cannolini ~ crispy white chocolate filled pastry rolls. I defy you to bite through these without letting out a little groan. And for £1 you can’t go wrong.


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