Dorset Crab, Pickled Pear, Lemon Confit and Fennel

Sometimes I just can’t be arsed to make any great effort to cook ~ especially for one, it’s a pain especially after a long day, so I spend quite a lot of* [*too much] time hunting for low-effort recipes that yield high taste. And this is one such recipe. Yes there’s a fair few ingredients and yes, like every other recipe in the world it is for four people, but you have options ~ scale it, invite people over, eat it, or lob the rest out.

Being a sad, excel freak, I created a spreadsheet that scales a recipe based on limiting factor and can be flexed to scale a recipe based on portion size … wad’aya mean “get-a-life Verity!!”

Regardless of whether you scale, invite, eat or lob, the only thing you have to do is make it! It’s delicious and if you can’t find brown crab meat, use all white. The recipe can be found {here} ~ enjoy!

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