Das ist Gut, Ja!


Seeing as last night’s dinner was apparently somewhat less than authentic I thought I’d try harder tonight.

Armed with the phrase “can you recommend anywhere for dinner?” I headed to the hotel reception … oh you weren’t expecting any form of German were you? “What do you fancy?” came the response. Seemingly “You!” is not the right response, so I opted for “I dunno, anything” … helpful I know. After a few options said fine receptionist directed me to Brauhaus Lemke “they serve German food and brew their own beer” … no more discussion to be had. Off I slipped and slided through the snow. … Did I mention it was cold?? Did I??

The friendly waiter with a mesmerising moustache talked me through the menu and their own brewed bier ~ *this* is the Pils ~ *this* is the large ~ *this* caused amusement in my moustachioed waiter … *this* wasn’t the last.

And then … then this huge hunk of pig turned up ~ crispy skin on the outside, squidgy and succulent meat on the inside with sauerkraut and crispy potatoes. Oh how I closed my eyes, rolled them back in my head and groaned in piggy heaven… wrong??

You have to realise that I live alone and therefore talk to myself a little more than normal, and this sometimes happens in public .. bit too often, anyhoo..! Delicious … then moustachioed waiter comes along and enquires how it was …

“Das *points*, Das ist Gut, Ja!” … Then “eine grosse bier, ja!” *points* “Pils?” “Ja!” … anyone else detecting a slight propensity for the use of “Ja!”? .. JA!

German bier is strong or this stuff is! Ja!!

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