Chest X-Ray

I’ve had whooping cough since November ~ it’s been pretty hideous ~ during the night I’ve coughed so relentlessly that my airways have closed up to the point I’ve stopped breathing, albeit temporarily, no less scary.

To take some of the terror out of nights I’ve slept upright with the light on since then ~ it’s marginally less frightening stopping breathing in the light than it is in the dark. Marginally.

Two rounds of antibiotics stopped it from being infectious, but it doesn’t stop the cough and the extra space you magically get on the tube and at work.

Just as the whoop seemed to be subsiding out of my cough, some 8 weeks into what’s known as the “100 day cough” I developed a chest infection. The “whoop” has escalated off the scale, as has stopping breathing and I’ve got rather a less than attractive death-rattle … sexy!

Antib’s round three started and an X-ray today to see what’s going on. I find X-rays fascinating, I’ve managed to take pictures of numerous X-rays, I could almost collage them together to get a whole Verity! I’ve no idea what it shows, other than bits of me, I guess I’ll find out in time.

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