Anti-Valentine Singalong

It was Valentine’s Day this week, hurrah … or something like that.

However, forget your over-priced couply dinners with those painfully awkward silences, there was a much better way to spend this day and that was at an Anti-Valentine’s Singalong. And seemingly a lot of other people thought so too. It was rammed, utterly rammed ~ men, women, singles, couples, friends ~ laughing, singing and a little bit of pointing skyward singing “don’t stop believing!”.

It is one of the best nights out a month, I’ve met a lot of fabulous people here, who just love to sing … they might like a little bit of vino too, but they really do like to sing.  And even if you don’t want to sing on the mic yourself the whole audience just sings-along… oh yeah, the whole premise…

I won this prize for erm being single and singing (me singing in the main pic), but hey “one is indeed fun!” right??

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