Smart Meter Obsession

I am becoming absolutely obsessional about my newly installed smart meter. It taunts me, telling me that despite sitting in the dark, with no heating, or electrical sockets turned on, I’m using electricity and gas, even if it is just 3p an hour!

Anyone who knows me, especially my ex-husband, will attest to the fact that I’m the queen of leaving lights on. I don’t know how it happens. In my mind I walk in from work, take my coat and suit off and sit down. In reality something very different must have happened because every single bloody light is on in the flat!

I got home last night to find I’d spent £1.88 on heating a flat I hadn’t been in … and then, *then* I put the oven on … £0.44 an hour?? Are you joking(?!) She says as she turns off every light in the flat in a frenzy … how much is a full slow roast Sunday dinner going to cost?

I guess the meter is working, it is after all making me aware* (* ultra paranoid) of the energy I’m using … it hasn’t got to the point of sleeping in clothes … yet

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