The Joys of Commuting

For those of you follow my twitter feed, you’ll often see the hashtag #joysofcommuting used.

Frankly it’s not the lost enjoyable time of the day ~ sweaty, stinky, angry people who’d rather push you onto the tracks than allow you to get on the tube before them are prevalent.

Today, however it was worse, just utterly worse. Today the gates to Finsbury Park were closed ~ congestion on the platform, caused by severe delays on the Victoria line ~ joy, joy unbounding! And so the jostling started earlier, tiny geisha steps creeping forward, never allowing more than a half a hairs gap around you.

Bags, knees, elbows all became seemingly legitimate weapons in the commuting dogma. This morning nothing was off the cards, every action taken in the pursuit of commuting advantage was indeed acceptable, including ramming a cheap Primark bag up my arse, it would seem.

I don’t know what the gestation period of a Primarni bag is, but there’s a distinct possibility I’ll be popping one out in less than 9 months! #joysofcommuting!

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