Q1 Results


Sometimes I’m such an accountant for which I want to punch myself in the face (!!), but as an accountant it is inherent in me to think of results in terms of quarters. Therefore looking at my personal Q1 results is normal, right? Or at least not too odd … right? … or should I just apologise for the shame of it! … buuuut what a quarter it’s been!!  Seriously What A Quarter!!

At the beginning of January I was utterly enthused by the prospect of 2014 {here}, 2013 had been a great year, what I’d remembered of it, so my aim was to document the good, the bad and the ugly of the year and to be honest there’s been all of that and more.

Not all of it has gone smoothly, but what life does? We’re all faced with challenges along the way ~ is it how we’re able to deal with them that ultimately matters ~ can we deal with and adapt? Do we learn and grow? Do we pick ourselves up when we’re at our lowest point and fight? Or do we just let life happen to us?

In mid February I found out that I would be losing my job, I’m not going to lie, it shook me to the core. Last year I changed jobs and built up a large recruiter network, which I fired up over night. My CV has been seriously boosted over the last year, I’ve taken on a lot and learned a lot, and thankfully after just six weeks I’ve secured what looks like a great job in an exciting company. The learning curve on that job will start in early May. Frankly I’m bricking it at the minute, but let’s deal with that in May!

If we just look at what I wanted from 2014 on a line by line, I said I was going to:

  • move more ~ “check” I’m doing exercise at least once a week, but up to three times;
  • eat more healthier ~ “check” ~ net result of both of these is that I’ve lost 10lbs since the beginning of the year
  • regain a healthy life/work balance ~ in progress, it’s been a hell of a busy few months
  • eradicate things that add unhappiness to my life and increase those that add joy ~ “check” but always a work in progress
  • kiss more / laugh more / sing more / dance more / see friends more ~ let’s just say “grin” on that one ~ there’s been lots of dancing and singing… god I love it;
  • earn more ~ “discreet smile”
  • learn more ~ always, every day I learn
  • and always be the best that I can be ~ “check” every day I strive to be better.

For a while it looked as though 2014s optimism would be derailed, but it looks like it might be back on track (*fingers crossed* *touches wood*).

So another annoying accountant’s trait / habit is forecasting ~ should I set objectives for Q2? … dear god no, life is for living, for going with flow, for just enjoying. So no, other than keep going, moving more, eating better, laughing / dancing / singing more, and being the best that I can be, there are no objectives … I may be an accountant, but I’m not a nut!

… oh apart from start the refurb … oh god I need to do *that*

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