Goodbye Centre Point Tower


For the last year, I’ve worked on the 11th floor of Centre Point, today we packed it all up in readiness for the weekend move to the other end of Oxford Street.

I’ve never worked in a high rise before, I didn’t think I’d like it ~ I loved it though! The views and sunsets are stunning, even from the 11th floor, but head up to Paramount the restaurant and bar on the 32nd floor and the views just get even better.

I’ve watched the Tottenham Court Plaza develop from a massive hole in the ground, to being a smaller hole in the ground! It’s a marvel of project management ~ the logistics of it must be utterly baffling.

Even after a year I still look out and love the views ~ I’ve taken ridiculous amounts of photos, mainly of sunsets, here are a few.

Centre Point is being redeveloped into luxury apartments – whilst I think CP is a great office location, I don’t think I’d pay millions for a flat in such an ugly building on a major junction right by a busy tube. But I guess time will tell whether it’s a success.

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