Afternoon Tea, Claridge’s


My cousin is turning 40 and it’s nice to see she’s upholding the family* [*my] tradition of multiple birthday “do’s” ~ although at five she outdo’s my now seemingly meagre three!

One and two were a spa weekend and a trip to Ireland, both with friends ~ three through five was to be a mix of family or family and friends events.

Today was event no.3, Afternoon Tea at Claridge’s (family.. including me … huzzah!!)

We were served by a Matt Dillon lookalike who was politeness and charm personified. He poured perfect champagne; explained the tea ritual and brought us as many sandwiches and cakes as we wanted, including a little candle studded birthday one.

The scones..! The. Scones! I cannot explain just how light and fluffy those scones were … and the jam, I have *no* idea what type of jam that was, but it had an elegant floral subtlety that I’ve never experienced in a jam before.  They don’t sell or give away the jam in their goodie bags, but by god I’d love to figure out that recipe.

And, while I’m here I have to mention the clean taste of the white monkey paw tea I had too – mainly as a reminder to myself to get some to have at home.

I know these experiences are out of the reach of many, but if there’s ever an opportunity to take afternoon tea in London, choose Claridge’s, it is delicious, special and enchanting.







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