Hello Marble Arch Tower


The office moved over the weekend ~ thankfully my involvement in that process was very limited ~ I’d moved my previous company twice and that was more than enough ~ so I was glad the buck didn’t stop with me this time.

At the last minute the deal went sour and as a consequence we ended up in a tiny end of life office in Marble Arch Tower. It might not be where we hoped or thought we’d be, but the views over Hyde Park are stunning. Utterly stunning!

The office also has very deep window sills which house air con blowy units <<technical term! I’ve taken to curling up on the window sills at lunch time looking out over the city skyline and out across Hyde Park. It’s like a panacea of calm, 16 floors up amid the tourist fuelled insanity of the west end.

I never knew just how many trees there are in Hyde Park. Even now in Spring the variegations of the trees is marked, in autumn I expect it’ll be even more spectacular. Unfortunately I won’t be here to see it.


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