80s Night


Yes it’s 80s night and feeling’s right, oh what a night..!

Event 4 of 5 in my cousin’s 40th birthday extravaganza.  Everyone went to so much effort to dress up and get into the mood of reverting back to their youth ~ a happy time in the 80s, when life was easy and we were all innocent to and of the world and all we cared about was our deely-boppers.  When I say everyone, I actually mean “everyone other than me” as you can see from the photo.  Work and handing over to my replacement has completely consumed me in April, consumed and drained the life-force out of me.  There’d been no time to sort out an outfit, or think up one, or do anything other than work.  So shamefully here I stand, un-80-fied.

The 80s disco was near Bletchley Park ~ there was a lot of neon pink, there were a lot of leg warmers, there was even someone in a Hi-dee-Hi outfit ..!  Most of all, there was a lot of dancing and a lot of fun.  A very fitting and hilarious 4th 40th birthday do.

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