Global Blogging (Domination!!)


I’m not even sure how this happened, and specifically which of the 96 previous posts caused so much international interest, but somehow my blog has been read in 36 countries..!!

Taiwan, Kenya, Korea, Syrian Arab Republic, Pakistan, The Philippines, Colombia, Serbia and Saudi Arabia – my blog has been read by people in these countries.

What does little-old-me have to say which is of any interest to someone in Brazil??   Yet there has been 10 views – I’m so intrigued to know what they viewed – if anyone knows how I find out let me know.   And was it one person reading 10 posts or 10 people reading different posts … I Need To Know!

But this has led to an urge, a craving, an overwhelming desire … I want to collect more countries.  Moare!!!

You hear of bands trying to “break the US” … how do I break Scandinavia or Africa?  Or China!  It’s like the Enigma code … I’m over thinking this / fixating on it a bit too much aren’t I??  *mashes refresh* … *looks at the flags* … ooo look Ireland today and Austria!

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