Impromptu Bowling

Thursday’s used to be all about cocktail night, but that’s all changed since moving jobs ~ they’re free and in need of filling.

Unfortunately plans got cancelled ~ in my head I was going out, so spending it at home felt itchy … “fancy a drink?” I texted – “We’re going bowling if you fancy it?” … “Yeah!” I texted back.

Just to make sure we were suitably prepped and in the mood we had beer and this mahoosive 26″ pizza beforehand… but seriously have you seen the size of it??!!

I ended up bowling, extraordinarily badly, in a dress, probably [definitely] too short for bowling, with pretty much a bunch of strangers, having an excellent time.

It transpires I’m utterly shite at bowling! Whatever skill I *used* to have As A Child, is as long gone as my natural hair colour and my ability to get up in the morning without pain! By the end of it I was just grateful to hit even one pin!

In an effort to complete a second game in the hour we embarked on “speed bowling” whereby we’d launch the ball down at the pins just as the barrier was rising … needless to say *that* didn’t go well… but we thought it was hilarious!!

Fun Times! Thank you Nick. x

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