Southbank Rooftop Drinks


God I love London. I love London for many reasons and in any season. The South Bank is fantastic winter or summer, there’s always something happening, it’s got a great buzz, whether it’s the Christmas market, a food festival or the Sunday bookstalls. But despite the hustle and bustle it can also be a haven of calm. Atop the gaudy yellow spiral-ish staircase is a rooftop garden bar. People sit on benches, tree stumps or the grass chilling and drinking pimms and wine in the sun.

It was the first proper sunny weekend of the year and fortuitously Tiff and I had arranged to meet. Rooftop drinks was our mission ~ to relax in the sun, drinking wine (naturally), watching the world go by … and speculating on couples, reading just how well [or badly, usually badly] their date is going ~ another particular favourite pastime of ours. Not only a fantastic night, but also just what we both needed.

It was so lovely to watch the world go by. We walked over Hungerford Bridge on the way home. It’s one of my favourite views of London, especially at night. I love London, I love that it’s my city.

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