Beer, Sausages and Scotch Eggs … aka Heaven

Corrr Sausage Board

So the challenge:  “brother and his girlfriend are in London for two days, show them the best of London, but what??” … tonight I introduced them to two of London’s iconic (in my mind) beerage places – one because it’s the oldest pub in London [Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese] and the other because it serves the best selection of craft beer and scotch eggs and a sausage board worthy of a trip from out of town!!

I adore The Old Red Cow (ORC) for many reason – food, beer, atmosphere, food, lots of men in suits, sausages .. the last two are indeed unconnected…

We met up with some friends at the ORC and laughed the night away … there may have been a little bit of beer, maybe a little too much – but if you leave London without a hangover, then you haven’t experienced remotely enough of what it has to offer!

Occasionally I stand back on a moment and look on with happiness at life – tonight Melissa captured that moment ~ some of the friends and family I love, all from disparate groups, having fun together.  A happy happy night.

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