Knee Etiquette

20140602-134715-49635696.jpgSo as I slide my knees between the legs of a man opposite of me, on the bus to work, I can’t help but wonder what’s the etiquette around doing so?

Do you ask permission? Do you nod sagely as if to say, “hey there, my name is Verity and I’ll be rubbing your inner thighs for the duration of this trip, I do hope you don’t mind?” Do you ensure that, no matter how painful it is to squeeze your knees together for 20mins, they absolutely and resolutely do not, under any circumstances touch the person opposite and apologise should they do so?

Are there different rules if your opposing person is a woman also? Do you alternate knees?  How about an elderly man whose hip would likely explode if you were to require him to accommodate your knees between his?  Are you forced therefore to spread, regardless of whether you are wearing a skirt or not?

Or do you just dive on in with little to no regard and spread your knees to the point where you’re comfortable, but the opposer (male, female, old or young) is spread like a spatchcock chicken?

I opt for the sage nod and a smile … and seemingly I take a picture of his crotch, there’s got to be a whole different level of etiquette around [not] doing that!


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