Trussed Up Like a Turkey

About 5 or 6yrs ago I had a car crash ~ a bus drove out of a side street and despite my assumptions that he’d stop, he didn’t and rammed me a few feet behind the drivers door.

Initially I thought I was ok, but then my back went into spasm and stayed that way for well over a year. Eventually after copious amounts of physio and acupuncture it got to the point where I had no knee buckling shooting pains up my spine; walking was normal, as was life; and I was left with just touch sensitive pain.

Occasionally, but rarely, I have a flare up, usually cause I’ve hyper-extended it ~ yesterday I did just that. I think I sat very wonkily at my desk ~ legs crossed, top leg hooked around the filing cabinet; scooted under the desk; leaning forward on my elbows looking up. Essentially the worst spinal alignment ever ~ an L-shape with a back flip.

I stood up and there it was, a gasp of pain as the spine locked up.

Hot water bottle, self massage and ill-remembered physio exercises essentially did cack-all. So off I hobbled like Mrs Overall to the physiotherapist this morning for her to work her miracle.

She didn’t. My expectations are waaaay to high. Physiotherapist she may be, miracle worker she ain’t.

After a bit of deep tissue massage and manipulation; a refresher on exercises and advice to cancel all plans over the weekend and my dance class on Tuesday, I left trussed up like turkey at Christmas with double yellow lines down my back.

It reminds me of a painting by one of my favourite artists Frida Kahlo, called “The Broken Column” ~ you’re so reliant on such a fragile thing

I’ve developed a slow wide-stanced waddle as it doesn’t hurt quite so much to walk like that ~ elegant it most certainly isn’t.

To add to that she said before I left, “do you ever get your moles checked?” … oh joys something else to worry about … and doesn’t she know they’re “beauty spots” just like my mother said they were, not moles!

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