Amateur Tanner

I’ve spent the weekend in Bedfordshire relaxing, listening to my Aunt’s choir sing and enjoying the blistering sun … blistering for me, because 30 mins in the sun is more than enough for me to go red – especially my near see-through legs that only get to see the sun once a decade.

I thought I’d take action, I thought I’d put a self tanner moisturiser on my legs, I thought “how hard can it be” … 8hrs later when I woke up I thought “what the absolute Hell!!” ~ I have a tide mark On. My. Forearm!

I followed the instructions, it said “wash your hands after application”, duly done, what I didn’t even consider was while putting the moisturiser on I was rubbing my arm up and down my legs, up and down, up and down, up and down, building up the tan. I’m almost a dark teak colour!!

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