Raw and Naked : Health Week


So it’s health week at work … I *know* you can imagine my thrill over this .. we’re all being encouraged to eat more healthily, do more exercise and give up bad habits like smoking.

Smoking, not a problem, gave that up over two years ago – looking smug so far.

Eat more healthily .. hmm well I’ve been trying since the beginning of the year to eat more healthily, but since joining the new company there’s been a drawer full of junk food, rather than healthy snacks.  So I thought I could at least try to improve my intake … what better way, than have a salad and a superfood “raw and naked” smoothie for lunch ~ spinach, kale, broccoli, apple, celery, parsley, pumpkin seeds and apple juice all blended up into a splendid bright green concoction ..!

I’d like to say it’s delicious ~ partly because it cost £3.25 and partly because I walked somewhat triumphantly into the office with a bucket of green stuff, almost announcing “my body’s a temple!” …it’s not *bad* per-se [thank god for the apple juice], but the broccoli really does linger in your mouth after you’ve swallowed ~ like for ages, akin to coconut, but not as nice.

The health week will culminate, after bike rides and runs, with a Sports Day in Hyde Park (right next to my old office) >> no you’re right, in public, doing egg and spoon races; doing three legged races; doing wheel-barrow races >> In Public << I’ll leave you with that ~ I’ll let you imagine my joy..

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