Health Week: Bee Pollen

Health week continues and all I crave is pastry and chips and anything and everything that isn’t healthy, such is my reaction to being told I can’t have something.

Organic = Healthy … right?

Of course it does … no I’m telling you you’re wrong … all organic food is healthy… An-y-way … with my unfavourable reaction to my broccoli smoothie still rumbling deep inside my colon, I approached the smoothie menu at Planet Organic with caution, extreme caution.

Warrior One: wheatgrass, powder (I kid you not), broccoli (seriously wtf!), beet, apple, fennel, parsley ~ shall we go with no and leave it at that??

Vitality: spirulina (you.what?), spinach, cucumber, celery, apple, ginger … *walks off shaking head*

Neeext! ..Bee pollen with coconut water, orange, pineapple and ginger juice (aka the Radiance smoothie) … no but seriously bee pollen is a *thing*!

Not only is it a *thing* it’s a superfood apparently, yes one of those ..!  It’s packed with stuff, good stuff, look it up if you don’t believe me.

As I sat in Devonshire Square eating my healthy *cough* lunch, supping on bee pollen, I had no relentless cramping feeling, so that’s good at least. Other than a bit grainy, it was actually rather nice.


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