Boogaloo – Dub Steps



It’s been a tough few days, I’m not going to deny it, for a few reasons and it’s left me reflecting on a great many things, relentlessly and endlessly. Not quite life, the universe and everything, but close. The answer wasn’t 42 though.

A friend was playing with her orchestra, in a pub in Highgate (Boogaloo) accompanying Dub Steps. I’m not going to lie to you, it was a case of erm oh them. Regardless the music was good, the orchestra better, but my dear fiends the best. Sage, insightful advice and reasoning.

As I walked the 1.5miles home with music in my ears and flip-flops afoot, I pondered their advice and life, the universe and everything and realised the answer was Me.

I truly have great friends.

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