Mushroom Risotto … gone wrong

My Sunday’s have a regularity to them that is somewhat disturbingly regimented ~ wake up, watch Sunday Brunch, go out for brunch, do some modicum of housework, sleep ~ that’s it, pretty much a dull and uneventful day.  Even though I spend three hours a Sunday watching the delightful Simon Rimmer cooking so delectable that it makes Tim, groan appreciatively, I rarely make one of their recipes – cooking for one, isn’t fun,  no matter what the cookbooks tell you, it is rather tedious, so I”m always looking something I can scale and I found it in this risotto.

The recipe was actually for barley, but I didn’t have any and couldn’t find any in the supermarket, so I bought some risotto rice, just incase I didn’t have any at home.  The reality is that I have nearly every type of rice under the sun in my cupboards.  So when I came to make the risotto, I checked the cupboard and pulled out a packet of what I mistook to be risotto rice and started to cook with it … short grain rice … short. grain. rice…!

Short grain rice is for rice puddings, it has a lovely creaminess, because of the small husks, it’s great in desserts, not so much in risotto’s.  But there was no way I was starting again, so I ploughed on ~ it’s just me eating it after all, who cares.

It may look like slop or sludge, but despite its appearances, it was actually lovely.  And I would make it again, with the right rice of course.  The recipe is {here} [to come] – make it with whatever you like, barley, arborio rice or indeed short-grain..!

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