Rooftop drinks at Madisson

Tiff and I had arranged to meet on possibly the hottest day of the year at Madisson Bar, perched on top of Number 1 New Change, overlooking St Paul’s, to catch up and to amuse ourselves watching dates go bad. I’m definitely not wearing 30 denier tights, oh no no no no, that would be ridiculous, I am. I’m sweating arse off ~ I really should have self tanned or something, oh god I’m melting!!!

We do love to watch people on dates ~ it’s a *thing* when we go out, and believe me there are a number of awkward dates and dates going bad out there ~ then there’s the curiosities … “is that a date? Or mother and son?”

Before long we started chatting with two other women doing the same and playing “shopping for men” aka Tinder. Next thing we know we’re joined by Mr Tinder over from Boston for a week. Then it started raining and gate-crashed a stag do … all of this before the sun thought about setting.

We all move onto an outrageous bar, Steam and Rye, with a live band and dancers perched on high ~ apparently it’s was Kelly Brook’s bar, who knew, Thank You Kelly 😀 ~ we danced the night away as the bar was flooded with dry ice ~ until the strobes started, then I was done for and had to be led from the place with eyes closed ~ cursed epilepsy.

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