Peggy ~ One Day of Terror

As Peggy disappears up the chimney I begin to question what exactly I’ve got myself into when I agreed to cat sit for my downstairs neighbours.

She’s a tiny ball of almost nothingness and only 8 weeks old. But don’t be fooled into thinking that she’s going to sit there obediently on your lap cuddling the night away. Oh no no no, she’s the fastest things I’ve seen on four legs ever, without question, ever! She races between your legs taking you out on the stairs and attacks you in the middle of the night. She’s adorable, don’t get me wrong, but she’s a whole bunch more trouble than I thought she was going to be.

My neighbours had asked me to look after her for a bit while they were away and because she’s so damn adorable I said yes. Almost immediately she was trying to get up the chimney ~ after three attempts I put a cushion up it! when she clawed it out I had to tape paper over it.

Even though I had Peggy for less than 24hrs I miss her so much. … I hope they go away for the weekend again soon.

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