St John Bar and Restaurant ~ impromptu night

20140730-222149-80509280.jpgI’m not going to lie to you, although I might say this quietly, this is the first time I’ve been to St John Bar and Restaurant in Farringdon. I’ve been to one of the others (marginally vague, I don’t remember which) but not this one.

“VW, fancy a drink?”
“Um, yeah why not”
“See you in 10”

Before you know it I’m sat in St Johns with a glass of Alsace wine, (no seriously I would never have chosen it, but it was a recommendation, so I tried it and it was spot on), bone marrow, Welsh rarebit and an Eccles Cake with Wensleydale, separating my friend and I.

I’m armed with a double ended instrument, one end akin to a long shovel, the other like a snakes tongue, primed and ready to dig for bone marrow treasure. I do love bone marrow even though the texture resembled snot. Smear it on sourdough, sprinkle with celery salt and by heck it’s tasty … the bone marrow that is!

I have to say the Eccles Cake and Wensleydale was sublime, utterly.

Some of the best quotes occurred tonight, but for their dignity I’ll spare them public airing. The final comment if the night was “you’re a fucking legend!”

Impromptu nights are often the best, and tonight definitely was.

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