Sunday Brunch at The Hyatt


I met up with my cousin Claire and her friend Helen for a leisurely champagne Sunday brunch / lunch at The Hyatt.  Never has there been so much food consumed …!

There’s a buffet, an endless buffet, of breakfast, starters, mains, puds and cheeses. There’s limitless champagne, wine and tea and coffee. There’s as much as you want and much more.

We started off with all things eggs, cause having a meal before a meal was *definitely* the right thing to do.  Then we had light starters of prawn cocktails, salmon, salads, bread, meat and cheese … “Light” ..!

Mains of chicken, pork, beef … oh those little cubes of pork belly (no pic alas) ~ we’re started to hurt, I am for sure.

By the time we get to dessert, there’s so little space, but there’s cherry crumble and prettily arranged chocolate mousse and cheesecake and stuff, other stuff, more stuff! We gave it a good go, but we were defeated.  I waddled home, groaning.

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