The Rise of the Tube Sex-Pest

So I know this is a photographic blog, but I kind of needed to record this as part of 2014…

What the absolute fuck is going on in “polite society” when a man thinks it’s ok to get-off on a woman on a packed commuter tube? … to thrust themselves repeatedly at you or park themselves in between your arse cheeks … just an unintentional happening or sexual assault?

In the last two weeks I’ve had this happen twice … The. Fuck?!!

First time I thought “nah that can’t be his cock, surely it’s his hand or his bag” until I looked behind me and saw it wasn’t. Maybe it was just due to overcrowding, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and moved … he moved and reparked his cock between my arse cheeks..!

Meanwhile the “presence” was growing stronger, there was no denying it, this was definitely intentional, so I moved again… he Re-Parked… and Flexed!!

After just one stop he got off with his erection, just as I was figuring out if I had enough courage to say something. Just one stop, this happened between Finsbury park and Highbury at 8.30 on a Friday morning.

I said nothing, I gave him the death stare, I wanted to say “get your cock out of my arse you dirty sex pest!” but said nothing. I’m not a wallflower by any means, but I said nothing. What if I’d got it wrong? What if I made a twat of myself accusing an innocent man of being a sex-pest? And I guess that’s precisely what they’re banking on ~ it’s about power.

Yesterday there was no mistaking the rhythmic thrusting at my arse. But still I initially questioned if it was due to the movement of the tube … not when it’s stationary in the station..!

What the hell? Seriously what the absolute hell?!?!

Friends have asked “what were you wearing ?” ~ a dress or trousers, what does it matter? You just can’t thrust your cock at me, it’s Not Acceptable! “Was he good looking?” … are you serious??

Women, and I speak to myself also, we need to publicly shame these tube-sex-pests ~ it is the only way we’ll reclaim the power and stop it happening to us and others. Be courageous, call them out and report them.

Men, just stop it.

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