Celebration Time, Come On!


It was my friends 40th birthday tonight and we headed to The Jazz Cafe in Camden to watch a Kool and the Gang tribute band.

Sat up on the balcony eating we had a great view of the band … not crowded ~ we slightly older people like that … Ok, I’m beginning to appreciate that.

It didn’t take long for the oldies to be rocking the balcony, chanting “Cel-a-bration Times, Come On!!” arms raised, pointing at the band, singing* (*loudly), recreating the dance steps. We were brilliant, even in the cold light of soberness, I believe this to be the case.

We continued dancing* (*grinding) well after the band ended. By 1.30am I was done for, but then came the eventful night bus journey home.

Almost the funniest part of tonight will be being chatted up by a c.16yr old, him insisting that he was much older; had a 15 incher and me telling him just how ridiculous he was from the front, to the middle, the back and the end.

… oh and the woman who got bounced off her seat into the aisle when the bus went round a parked car. Oh the joys of the night bus.


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