Move More pt 3 … maybe running after all


Back in May, I posted that my “move more” campaign for 2014 was definitely not going to be made up of running [here], and for the last three and a half months I lived by that decision, because it was the right thing to do, because It’s Madness! … until today.  Today I went for a run again, not only a run, but a public run, with a group of people ..!

At a friends birthday I’d met couple of people who were fitness nuts [in the nicest possible sense – you know those people who actually love to exercise .. not me!], one of which also lives in Crouch End. “Fancy a going for a run around Finsbury Park on Sunday at 10am?” came the group Facebook message.  For some inexplicable reason my response wasn’t “pffft No!” which by all logic, it should have been.  Oh no, my response was “yeah why not” – followed by, in my head “what the fuck?! Oh god how do I get out of this?”

And yet for some reason I didn’t even try to get out of it and so we went for a run, on a Sunday morning, in a public park. I’m not even going to pretend that I made one full circuit of the park without stopping, but I did run much further than before without stopping, by which time I was done for, but Jackie tried to keep me going, although bless her she did have to say at one point “Verity we do have to run you know” – apparently walking and talking is not sufficient exercise. We made it, eventually and now I’m not even sure that I don’t want to run again. …! I Know!!

… and then we “played” on the public exercise equipment and did Public stretches …

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