Argentine Tango

This is a petty shoddy picture and is of the social dance between my Argentine Tango lessons ~ as I can’t take pictures of me dancing, while I’m dancing…

I started dance classes last month as my FitSteps class was cancelled for August while the teacher was on holiday. Last month was Rhumba ~ it was fantastic, I was going to flip back to just FitSteps in September but when I found out it was Argentine Tango, I had to do it too.

I’m not sure why I thought 3hrs of dance classes on one night was a good thing, but that’s exactly what I did. FitSteps is one of the main reasons I’ve lost weight this year. It’s sweaty. You burn loads of calories and tone up. Let’s focus on sweaty shall we..??

I thought I’d love Argentine tango, but I’m my irked by my incapability to pick it up. It is damn hard.

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