Silly Tea Cup … bad service

My pipes are blocked, the water pipes from the sink, dishwasher, washing machine etc. It’s been weeks. No amount of drain unblocker has worked, nor a plunger, nor a man with a rodding machine for 2hrs. They’re seemingly fucked. I have no idea what I’m going to do to ever get running water in the kitchen other than rip out all the pipework that runs for some odd reason under the hallway and dining room before finally exiting the building. It turns out that there’s not enough slope to keep the water and any debris out of the building. It’s fucked.

I spent today at the laundrette having a solo persil party and thought I would pop next door to Coffee and Cake, for a cuppa and something to eat.

I was given this ridiculously small cup and saucer to drink out of – yes it’s pretty. for. a. doll! To top that off the service was shocking. One waitress said she couldn’t help because she didn’t take the original order. By the time I was ready to pay and leave I almost had to jump up and down to flag down the waitress to get the bill. Ridiculous.

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