Kayaking ~ Messing About on the River

We’re going kayaking today, it’s Andy’s birthday and to say I’m a little nervous is a little bit of an understatement. This nervousness wasn’t helped when Andy pushed me in and over – apparently I “overcompensated” – I swear more like he just gave me a massive wang into the water. Once I’m back up and floating, I’m ok(ish), wet but ok ~ I say okish because there are some steering issues – seemingly I have a dominant left hand ~ how that is even remotely possible, based on the fact that my left hand is near useless at everything other than typing, I do not know. And so I spend a bit of time trying to get off the rocks to the side of the river bank. It’s fine though, it’s really fine, I’m not terrified at all.

I have this thing about capsizing and not being able to “right” myself – which of course would be a viable concern if this was indeed a canoe, but it’s not, it’s a kayak and I’ll just plain fall out if I was to capsize.

Eventually I figure out how to go approximately straight, or straight enough and we’re on our way upstream, despite a guy on a boat saying “it’s choppy out there today” as he drags his boat out of the water … great, just great.

Shortly after setting off Melissa spots a bald eagle high in the trees on the banks of the river ~ There. Where? *There!* Where?? happens for a while and then I’m grateful I’ve brought my massive (but not massive enough) lens – it swoops out of the trees.

We see him (I assume it’s a male) a few more times over the course of our trip.  He’s impressive and an added bonus to what is turning out to be a quite enjoyable outing.

My technique, if you can even approach calling that, improves and I pretend I’m an Olympic Kayaker shooting from one bank to the other, narrowly missing careering into the mud flats … why’s that water not moving … oh ..

We floated, we relaxed, we had a great time – all the stresses of work washed away.  I surprise myself when I say I really loved kayaking today, really really loved it. Come Spring in the UK I’ll be doing it again. How lucky they are to have this just down from their house, I’m starting to envy them their rural lifestyle.

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