Portland Head Light


Today was my first day on my own, by which I mean driving on my own. Andy took me out yesterday for a brief driving lesson down to the post office just down the road, but today was me, driving alone, down to Portland and beyond, at times aimlessly.

I followed Andy to work and tried to figure it out from there, which was a tad scary. It took 30mins to programme the sat nav to find a cafe, to have a coffee in so I could plan the day. The cafe, it turned out, was a 3min drive away, or it would have been if I hadn’t taken two wrong turnings.

Coffee done and I decided to head south down the coast to a lighthouse that came up on every search of the Maine area. It was cold and blustery – but it was just what I needed, blowing out the cobwebs from going so long without a holiday. I wandered a little way up and down the coast taking loads of pictures.

By the time I left I was desperate for the loo, but there was no way that I was going in what they called “restrooms” and so I headed off south to find somewhere for lunch and another lighthouse (Two Lights). It was going to turn into a lighthouse kind of day, which was just perfect.

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