Two Lights Lighthouse


After Portland Head Lighthouse I headed on down the coast to Port Elizabeth to see another lighthouse, after a brief stop for more coffee and a second breakfast – I’m turning into a Hobbit! Buzz cafe looked from the outside like the kind of place that you might come across a bunch of bikers and a place that you’d leave with ferocious food poisoning. But I was tired and hungry and needed the loo like no-ones business. Inside were no bikers, just an hilarious waiter, good coffee and remarkably nice food … and a proper toilet.

Back on the road and I’m slowly feeling more confident about driving ~ there have been no near misses, no driving on the wrong side of the road ~ not nearly as stressful as the first thirty minutes had been.

The lighthouse (Two Lights) wasn’t as impressive as Portland Head, but it was right about now that I realised I hadn’t thought about work in a while and that maybe I wasn’t 100% a City-Girl after all ~ maybe it was the crashing waves, the quiet or something else, but the stress had gone.

Second lighthouse done and I headed back north to Portland. I was going to try and see a museum but between the one-way system, an angry sat-nav and my ineptitude I just couldn’t find it and in the end I just couldn’t be arsed to try and find it, so I settled for lunch in Portland and then got the hell out of there after getting lost again, looking for another lighthouse.

By this time the sat-nav was truly angry “recalculating, Re-Calculating, Re-Cal-Cu-La-Ting!!” so I decided to head back to the country and to Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park.

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