Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park


After giving up any hope of finding the third lighthouse of the day and also failing to find the museum I had hoped to visit, I left Portland and not soon enough at that, heading for Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park which is near Freeport.

There were only three cars in the car park as I pulled in – it’s definitely not a crowded time of year to visit Maine. Cap on, camera in hand I set off down a trail into the woods, winding deeper into the thicket until I came to the shore.

After about 40mins clambering over rocks and wandering through the woods alone, I got very panicky remember a film of my childhood that scared the bejeesus out of me, Watcher in the Woods, at which point I picked up pace and got the hell out of there fearing I would be hacked to death by an axe murderer.

Back home for a couple of hours before heading out for dinner with Andy and Melissa. A long but relaxing day.

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