Falls Pond

DSC_0512Just beyond Rocky Gorge is Falls pond, it’s about 50m on and about 90% of visitors to rocky gorge don’t pass over the bridge and through some trees to the pond.

It’s a shame cause they miss out on a beautiful place ~ I’m glad however that they don’t as it wouldn’t be remotely as serene as it is.

I head off round the lake, through the tree trail, up and down the tree root strewn paths until I get about a third of the way around and have the sudden realisation that if I twist an ankle here I’m essentially done for, I’m alone in these woods ~ I scamper back.

I’d like to say I kept to the main path to ensure my safety, but there’s a great shot to be had down *there* so I scramble down a steep bank under low hanging branches to get a better shot.

My photography skills on my brother’s camera just aren’t adequate enough.

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