Heading to the White Mountains


My oh my, I was tired this morning – the first day I didn’t wake up before 6am ~ good for me, bad for my two day trip up to the White Mountains, but it was what was needed, regardless I was on the road, after a 15min fight with the sat nav, before 9.

First stop for me and Penny (the car,) was Brunswick Diner, about 15mins away, where I discovered that she, the car, has another quirk, other than the “check engine light warning [ignore]”, break warning light [ignore]; don’t leave the keys in the car and shut the door, cause it’ll Lock Itself(!!)… It developed a puddle .. in the footwell of the backseat … “Should I worry?” I texted Andy … “Naaah!”  … I. Swear.

After pancakes, eggs, bacon, homefries, maple syrup, coffee, coffee, coffee later and I’m officially on the road, unconvinced the sat nav is taking me in the right direction, but it’s worth a shot. I’ve developed a skill that is probably illegal over the last few days and that is taking pictures on my phone while driving … thinking about it, I’m pretty sure it’s very illegal..!

Thankfully I make it to Conway at the base of the mountains by late lunch… after stopping a multitude of times to take pictures of the fantastic scenery. And then the exploring began up the Kancamgus Highway.









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