Sabbaday Falls

DSC_0554A further six miles up the pass … I swear it’s going to take days to drive the seemingly short 34 miles along the length of highway, I’ve gone but 15miles in 5hrs so far … anyway, I’ve arrived at Sabbaday Falls, well after a rather abrupt U-Turn.

It’s only a short way up to the falls, through a woodland path, or it would be if, again, I kept to the path, instead I walked up the river bank over the rocks ~ you’d think I’d want to twist and break an ankle or something! It’s like I’m a big kid again jumping over rocks and everything.

I started to play with long exposure to get whooshy water << that’s a technical term of course!

I’m running out of time, so I only spend a relatively short time here … an hour … I am literally going to make it to the hotel around midnight at this rate! … but it’s so beautiful. So now the race around the top of the White Mountains begins.

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