Sunrise in the White Mountains


I’ve arranged a 6am wakeup call so that I can hopefully take photos of the sunrise. After grunting at the receptionist that called me all cheerily to say good morning, I completely fall back to sleep until gone 6.30am and end up running down at 6.50am.

It is freezing up here especially at this time of the morning, even wrapped up in so many clothes. Because it’s much later than I had intended to go out I thought I’d missed the sunrise, if indeed there would be any red sky. I’m just about to give up and head back in when I turn back around for one final glance and see the red starting to build.

And then the battle with the camera begins ~ why am I not more skilled with this camera? Gah! There some ok-ish shots, but they could have been so much better if I knew what I was doing. I’m only out about 40mins, but I’ve taken over 100 photos, and I’m freezing and in need of coffee, but I’m glad I got up early to see the sunrise.

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