Pumpkinfest ~ A Brilliantly Crazy Town


I have wandered into the most crazy, yet brilliant town in Maine ~ Damariscotta. I’m supposed to be going to the coast, but just don’t quite make it, much to the annoyance, again, of the sat nav … “Recalculating, Re-Calculating, Re-Cal-Cu-Laaa-TING!!” [she’s such a mardy cow] … “There’s a man painting a pumpkin, that’s odd” would be have been my thoughts, if I didn’t talk to myself, as it was, they were the actual words followed by “what the fuck?!?!!” then “wow” and so I looped back and back and back again and found a spot to park and explored the many painted, carved and adorned pumpkins in this brilliantly crazy pumpkinfest which is all in the name of charity.

Apparently all of the pumpkins were delivered in the early hours of this morning just in time for the weekend’s final festivities, which include pumpkin racing … I shit you not ~ they hollow out huge pumpkins; put a man in each one; put both man and pumpkin In The River; and race!!

The prize-winning pumpkin this year weighed over 1600 lbs … nope you read that right, absolutely massive!!! The grower won $10k, plus he gets to sell the seeds for $1 each ~ there’s money to be made in pumpkins!

so happy to stumble on this.



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