Rooooooad Trip ~ 12 Torturous Hours

“Woo-hoo! Road Trip!!!” Is what I thought at the beginning of the journey from West Bath, Maine to Chantilly, Virginia. I can assure you that as we pulled into our hotel, not in Chantilly but New Carrollton (an hour north of DC) some 12hrs later, the words were “thank fuck for that!”

Mile after mile, hour after long hour passed. It seemed endless. It was endless. We, (my brother, his girlfriend Melissa and I) started off in good cheer, heading down for a training course for him. By the end we were praying to every mythical entity going to get to the hotel … or maybe that was me.

There were some lovely sights along the way ~ every time we passed through a toll I shouted “light ’em up Joe” referencing “coyote ugly”. I don’t know if it is even joe … it is now.

Sitting in a diner gone midnight, staring at food we were too tired to eat, I could still feel the road vibrations through my entire body.

But we got there! RAR!! It seems like the second part of the adventure can begin.





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