Lincoln Memorial


We finally made it to the Lincoln Memorial, some five hours after we eventually find somewhere to park in Washington. It’s not the height of summer or a school holiday of any sort and parking is absolutely impossible – lordy knows what it would be like if it was. We thought we would see this place first, but because we had to park so far away we decided it would be better to work our way back around to it.

One thing I’ve realised about the American’s is that they love a monument, I’m struck by it at the time, but on reflection so are we. It’s a quiet, serene monument, well apart from the swarming hoards of tourists wandering aimlessly about the place, seemingly unaware of you stood for ages trying to take a decent picture without their head in it .. wander, wander, wander … move!!

We’ve walked up the length of the reflecting pool from the Second World War Memorial, it’s seems almost endless after our miles and miles of walking, I’m on full-on trudge mode by the time we make it to the end of the pond … was it just for the reflection? DC really would benefit from some sort of decent public transport system, I tell you!


Our tour of DC is over and it’s time to trek the near 2 miles back to the car … but on the way back we came across a couple more monuments.

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