Spa Weekend


After my friends wedding the day / night before I was utterly hanging this morning. So much so that I even considered calling off going to the Spa with Tiffany and her friends. It was a hairy journey on the train out of town, and an even hairier journey to the spa. Everyone had alcohol at lunch, I had coke << that’s how hanging I was.

The weekend was hilarious – even more so because the service at the spa was shocking. That night at dinner, hanging-ness gone thankfully, the woman at the table across from us said, after looking forlornly down at her dinner plat ~ “what is this?” ~ “risotto” ~ “I ordered fish”. Ordinarily not as amusing as it turned out to be, but four of us had just consumed prawn and crab salad, without the prawns and when we’d asked what happened to the prawns, they brought us a small dish of plain cold prawns … hilarious!

Service, definitely not a high point, neither were the treatments – for back massage, read back rub and facial read as scouring. Spending time with these five hilarious woman was brilliant.

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