Left Side Hairier

It’s the weekend after payday, which means it’s time to have these bad-boy eyebrows done, threaded. I’m not remotely hairy, so bad-boy really should replaced with lame-excuses-for, but I digress.

Settling down in the chair, I assume the position ~ pin eyelid down, stretch out brow.

“You’re hairier on the left side.”
“Sorry, what?”
“You’re hairier on the left side, everyone is.”
“Are they?”
“Yes, everyone is hairier on the left, I observed this.”
“And they have drier skin on their left side too, you should check when you get home.”
“And your boobs,” I’m expecting her to declare a woman’s left breast is hairier, but she doesn’t, “most people’s left boob is bigger.”
Then she looks down her top
“Yes bigger”

We’re roaring with laughter. I look in the mirror to inspect my eyebrows, yep, left side hairier.

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