An Evening Gone Sour

It all started so well, we hadn’t seen each other for well over a year ~ the last time we met it started and ended with us dancing and singing in a gay bar ~ it was a great night. Things got messy that night, very messy.

We were having the best night again ~ like the intervening 15months had been mere days, laughing outrageously, doing our faux terrible Aussie accents and sending them to Alice who used to work with us too. A carefree night, like the best nights are. And then two women came to our table selling flowers ~ we dismissed them to start off with but then bought flowers off them, had a good laugh with them, even gave them some of our wine. And then they left. And then we noticed that Alex’s phone was missing. The. Fuckers!

They were nowhere to be seen. We tried to call it, it rang out a few times, then went straight to voicemail. We called the police, but they were understandably not interested ~ phones are stolen every day, every minute of the day. We were a statistic, a stupid statistic.

We did the track phone thing ~ eventually it popped up in Walthamstow. The police again were uninterested as we didn’t have a precise address. So Alex and Jen jumped in a taxi and headed that way to track it down.

Why I let them go I don’t know. Why I didn’t go with them I don’t know that either. Jen went to stop Alex getting hurt. I gave him my phone, so I’d know he was ok. It was madness.

A night of jollity flipped instantly to concern as I raced home to pick up signal of them and panicky calls, while they headed to Walthamstow to track down a phone in what turned out to be a 10 storey block of flats. It was futile.

By 3am they gave up the search. Such a sad end to a brilliant night.

Take note ~ keep an eye on your phone at all times ~ people use distraction techniques so very well.

It was hilarious night, right up to that point.

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